Vending Tailored Around You.

An incorporation of experience and cognizance in the industry, allows Plus Vending Services to deliver a world class service in vending and refreshment systems. We pride ourselves in the knowledge that our eminent service is exactly what your workplace entails. Our diligent team, are proud to serve our customers with an industry leading service- allowing you to experience the unexperienced in vending.

Who Are We?

The family-run business was founded in the year 1987. With the name: Plus Vending Services still a token of the company's success. To this day, the business remains a part of the family; which has a widespread love and passion for vending. 

Our love and passion for vending is replicated amongst our services and customer care. Here, at Plus Vending Services, we pride ourselves on putting our customers first.

We supply our vending services and expertise to the East-Midlands region and its surrounding areas, and we ensure that we are always there, whenever you need us.