Does Anyone Have Any Questions?


Will Our Machine Be serviced And Restocked Regularly?

Yes. Our Vending Machines are restocked and cared for as and when required; by monitoring product sales remotely, we are able to schedule the restocking of all our machines according to the sales data.

What If The Machine Develops A Fault?

Don't worry. An engineer will be with you shortly! That's right. Gone are the miserable days of 'Out of Order' signs; As soon as we receive a phone call to inform us of a fault, we ensure that an engineer is with you as quickly as possible.

How Do I Get In Touch?

It's easy! You see, we wanted to make enquiries simple; that's why we developed our enquiry form, simply click here: Contact Us - Plus Vending Services. 

Need to call us? No problem; Here's our number, we will be more than happy to chat: 0115 946 5800